The story so far...

Hive founders Darryl Gray and Andrew Butel first worked together at on the original team that took the company from 'garage start-up' through to $55M IPO.

Hive started as a need to create quick plans and share them with the team, as well as needing a better understanding of what their workloads were. They wanted Google Calendar simplicity with a sprinkle of Microsoft Project grunt. The fiddly spreadsheets and unweildy whiteboards just didn't work.

Development on Hive started in early 2010 after more than a year of intensive research, prototyping, and design. The goal was simply to build the world's best planning tool: ultra-simple, elegant, and collaborative in a way that others weren't.

We think we're on to something, and we hope you do too.

Darryl is on email and Twitter // Andrew is on email and Twitter

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